Another story

Once when I was in high school I had a dream where I was riding the train. My seat was by the window and I wished the window opened because it was summer or maybe it was spring because the air was cool and all the grasses in the marshland were rippling

No, I just imagined that. Or maybe that happened while I was awake. Anyway in the real dream I was riding by the sea just past sunset. There was still an afterglow and the air and the water were a pinkish purple. Obviously I was dreaming because I felt sleepy and now I have trouble remembering the details. I know I looked out and saw someone I had been thinking about. They were all the way across the water but their face was very clear to me--at least I felt it was when I woke up. Anyway the color was beautiful and I knew they were looking back at me with curiosity and love.

Oh yes, then you woke up and the next time you were on the train it was spring and the grasses in the marshland were waving. You remembered your dream and how it had changed the way you saw that person. A misunderstanding.

A few years later I was on an airplane going home. The sun had just gone down and the sky was about to get dim, although it wasn't yet. I felt sleepy but I don't think I was dreaming, although maybe I was because when I looked out the window I saw you looking out the window at me. It took me a moment to recognize you all the way across the clouds but once I did I knew instantly where you were. I knew you wouldn't recognize me--or maybe you forgot? Or maybe you'd forget. Still I smiled at you and wondered where you were going.