A letter

I am sending you a message. I'm bad at it because it's so serious. I'm bad at it because I am so serious. No really I'm bad at it because I'm busy. No, I'm shy. I'm indecisive.

I didn't say Dear because I think the sending will do it. In fact it will say hello I've been thinking about you. I've been thinking about you tho we're apart.

How embarrassing. I been thinking maybe I shouldn't. I feel I'm married to keeping to myself. It might be impossible not to hurt to ruin things. Yet (still) I want to talk to you/ feels worse to wait, feels riskier. I hope you understand. I copied something for you to read.

Pleasure pain its all the same it burns it cries it knows its name it licks me on the face and tries to kiss me.


My lover drinks right from the jug
My lover fixes cars
My lover wants to change the culture
My lover is going with the flow

My lover is good with words
My lover can sew
My lover is sweet and gentle
My lover is sharp

My lover is hot and mellow
My lover likes the cold
My lover has been lonely
I hope he isn't now

My lover rules the world
My lover is poor
My lover has long brown hair
My lover wears it short

My lover lives in hiding
My lover is close
My lover loves the sea
the sun sometimes the fog

I love her when she makes me laugh
I love you too, the same and different.